English Pet Peeves for Storytellers — 4 Comments

  1. What a great post, Dave. I enjoyed reading it and I learned a lot. Plus it got me thinking about my own language pet peeves. Besides some of my favorites (itself a misnomer), I dislike when people say “PIN number”, for example. I get annoyed when writers misuse “affect” and “effect”. I cringe when someone tells me about a “near miss.” And I despise “White Supremists.” Truth be told, I despise “White Supremacists” too.

  2. these ones instead of these
    my ones instead of mine
    overspread instead of spread over
    service a person instead of serve a person (a stallion services a mare to yield a foal; a human services an account or a car but NEVER a person)
    visitation instead of visit (You get a visitation from the Lord or an angel; we lesser mortals only rate visits!).

  3. I LITERALLY love this, Bricker!

    I also go NUCULAR with RELATOR instead of realtor, SUPPOSIBLY instead of supposedly, and JEWLERY instead of jewelery.