I’m here to talk to you about one of the most common messaging problems: too much self-referential I-language.


I’ll bet you’ve been on a date or stuck at a networking meeting with someone who drones on and on and on about themselves.


And I assure you, that kind of language is the worst way to sabotage any impact you hope to have on your prospects, clients, and colleagues.


Fortunately, here at Remarkable Stories, we offer programs…


Did you see what just happened? 


Every one of those lines talked about me … and not about you.


Every one of those lines was a missed opportunity.


And yet, every day, we receive more and more spam from sellers who talk about their great prices and their special offers. And we think…


If those people really cared, they’d be talking about us!


Are you talking about your clients … or bragging about yourself?


Are your prospects paying attention … or paying someone else?


Take a look at one of your recent marketing messages and highlight every instance of I, we, and our. Start at 100 and subtract 5 points for each time.


What was your score?


Did you serve or did you swerve?


Dave Bricker here from Remarkable Stories inviting YOU to set up a virtual coffee. Let’s chat about a customized business storytelling program that explores how to vote yourself off the I-Land and explore the world in a You Boat!


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