Whether you’re a CEO or the head of a small team, storytelling is your most powerful leadership tool.

Why storytelling?

From the day you’re born, you begin to assemble a picture of how the world works built from characters, things, actions, feelings, experiences, descriptions—the same elements used in stories. But we each see the world from a slightly different angle. We choose different religions and different political views. Some of us are abstract and creative; others are linear and logical. Some of us are bold; others fearful. Our stories vary and diverge.

One need only look as far as wars, politics, prejudice, and the divorce rate to see that story misalignment is among the world’s most serious problems. Leaders—parents, priests, politicians, and professors, among others—help us collectively see the world in ways that make sense. Effective storytelling is the vehicle through which effective leaders reconcile disharmony.

Real leaders write stories that create stability, foster growth, inspire loyalty, promote innovation, and connect people. Weak leaders brandish authority, but they fail to provide stories that motivate followers.

This Storysailing™ for Business Leaders course follows the journey of a young, disillusioned CEO who takes a hiatus from corporate life to explore the world from the helm of a small sailboat. As she learns how to navigate, trust her compass, trim the sails, and confront storms and calms, you’ll apply those leadership lessons in your own business.

The short chapters are available as both video and text. Watch them, read the discussions that follow, and then answer the thought-provoking exercises at the end of each section.


Wisdom is found in insightful questions, not in correct answers. Write down your responses or merely think about them to expand your story consciousness, see deeper into the narrative, and find inspiration to create the authentic story of your own business transformation.

Think of this a six-month exercise class. Make storythinking part of your weekly routine. Engage with the material, enjoy the voyage, and learn as you go. You’ll find a mix of empowering business tips and useful storytelling advice. Embrace the stories, the discussion, and the exercises to unlock the storytelling wisdom hidden inside you.

StorySailing—a way to craft and understand stories—is easy to learn, but applying it effectively will take time and practice. The more you think about how to adapt the material in this course to your life and business, the faster you’ll achieve business transformation for yourself and your organization.

Anchor’s up. Let’s begin…

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Talk to Me!

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