“Pit of Despair” Stories — 4 Comments

  1. I was intrigued by the title of this post precisely because my short story “Forever Christmas” (published in the new Lior Samson collection, Death Rehearsals) is an archetypal “pit of despair” story, one of bottomless desperation. I believe it is possible to lead readers back to light precisely by leaving your character in the pit, thus charging the reader to find the redemption This requires a bit more faith in the reader than writing the happy clean resolution, but I believe it can also, done well, make for an even greater impact.

    • Literature is a different beast. Moby Dick ended in tragedy and yet, it’s a classic. But try that in front of a live audience and unless you’re especially artful, local therapists will have a field day. The “cautionary tale” can work, but transformation is usually a better motivator than conflict. Thanks for reading and weighing in.