Speakers, Never Say You’re Sorry — 4 Comments

  1. TY, good tips for owning a situation. I keep a poster on my refrigerator reminding me not to apologize all the time. Instead of “sorry I’m late” Thank you for waiting for me. “sorry I’m a mess” Thank for accepting me.

  2. I say, “Expect the Unexpected and be Flexible”
    No apologies here!

  3. Thanks Dave for another good article! I have one observation – there is a big difference between “inevitable performance problems” and obvious lack of preparation. The examples offered suggest that at least some of those issues could have been avoided on the part of the speaker. I agree that we should not apologize and draw attention to our shortcomings. I also believe that we should hold in trust the fact that the audience is depending on us to make good use of their time by being fully prepared.

    • And I agree with you. Nevertheless, we are all subject to Murphy’s law. Make something idiot-proof and the world always builds a better idiot. No matter how prepared you are (and to your point, you should be VERY prepared), the true stories I’ve heard of heart attacks, fire drills, women speakers sitting up and leaving their skirts behind, a rented elephant messing up the stage and stomp-splashing it everywhere. You can’t make this stuff up. Something will go wrong. How we handle a disaster often says more about our professionalism than what we do to prevent it. THanks for your comment.