We've seen it too many times.

A dynamic, charismatic gets the audience on their feet, makes them dance, gets them to shout, “Oh Yeah!”—and works the room like a Baptist preacher in a wooden church on a hot day!

The audience LOVES them…

But on Monday morning, ask any of your guests what that speaker talked about and they won't recall a thing! Most of them won't complain; they'll remember feeling good and that'll be enough for them.

But the speaker's real job isn't to deliver inspiration.

The speaker's real job isn't to deliver information.

Those are only pieces of the bigger pie.


The speaker's mission is to deliver .


And I know what you're thinking: Dave that sounds lovely but what does it mean?

Transformation is simple: Ask a speaker how your audience will think, feel, or act differently after they've heard the talk.

The best speakers are entertaining but they're also enlightening.

They share skills and insights and tips and strategies that make your audience feel like they're better for having been there.


That's transformation!


And that's what you're paying for, isn't it?

It's not just anyone who can stand in front of a room full of people and an hour later, they're more productive or less stressed or able to think about their lives and work in new ways that can save or earn millions of dollars.

A professional speaker can tell you exactly what outcomes they produce and what those outcomes are worth.

So here's a question:

Have any of these messages transformed the way you'll qualify speakers to light up your next event?

Has your understanding changed?

Do you have better questions to ask?

That could make a big difference in whether your event is an experience … or just another gathering.

And that's transformation.