Superhero Stories — 4 Comments

  1. Hi Dave,
    I used to read Captain Marvel with Mary Marvel and the 3rd sidekick whose name I have forgotten. (Freddy ???) They were always doing battle with some evil scientist whose name was Dr. Savannah ( I think). In one issue, planet Earth was sick of people exploiting it and Captain Marvel had to battle an angry Earth.
    You must have had these…I think the Superman people sued the Captain Marvel people for plagiarism or something like that and the good Captain was consigned to history.

      • Captain Marvel and Mary Marvel and their side kick whose name was Freddy ( I think) were ordinary people who would go into this hidden temple that had statues of ancient deities along a long chamber. They acquired their super powers by saying the word “Shazam!’ and they were instantly transformed into characters that looked and acted much like our old friend Superman which by the way was a Canadian creation.

  2. Nice essay, Due. My mom (your grandmother) liked to tear up my comic books, causing some distress. She was not a believer that they had any redeeming value. Sad.