Who Are You to Judge? — 4 Comments

  1. dave, well stated and clearly spoken. also a posiiive example of submitting to those who are the judges even if you would have have judged differently. good behavior on your part. not often enough seen.
    best, ricki

    PS david, please visit my new website and enjoy the poetry there
    as well as the recently posted blogs. i always value your opinion.

  2. Dave, I am a horrible public speaker. I get nervous and shaky, and really don’t like it! A few years ago, my minister, Andrea Ayvazean asked me to read my “I Am From” writing in front of the entire congregation. I did it-very poorly-I thought, and yet, I was applauded loudly and long. Other people read over the next few weeks, and theirs were better written and much better delivered than mine, with less applause. Maybe, they felt sorry for me…But, it’s easy to judge when you are not the Judge. I’m sure the people who didn’t win should have, but prediction is difficult!

    • Some audiences will applaud just because you got up and presented, especially if you’re not a seasoned speaker. Most of them are too terrified to do that themselves.