Because of my love for the written word, I take on a limited number of bold authors each year.

Book cover design is available for authors who want to be different, classy, artsy, avante garde, unique, or remarkable. The gallery on this page displays covers I’ve crafted for myself and numerous others. I also offer “old-school” book typography, guidance through the publishing process, and of course, editing/coaching on “the writer’s journey.”

  • Design Qualifications: Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design, 15 years of university design teaching experience, Adobe Site-of-the-Day Winner, Runner-up in Adobe Design Achievement Awards.
  • Book Cover Design If I design your cover, I will read all or most of your book so I can capture the essence of what it’s actually about. Final art is adjusted to production specs and prepped to print properly.
  • Book Typography is available at a cost of word-count divided by $33. This includes creating drop-caps by hand, use of typefaces specialized for book typography, classic page layout, and elimination of widows and orphans and runts (one word on the last line of a paragraph). Every paragraph and every page is inspected and adjusted to pre-digital standards. Compare a book you find in an antique store with one you find in a bookstore. Call me if you want your pages to “glow in the dark” the way they used to in the days of hot metal type.
  • Developmental and Technical Editing is priced after I’ve inspected your manuscript. I’ll mark up a thousand words or so at no charge, and this will give you a sense of my style and value, the readiness of your manuscript for release, and what working together will be like.


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I am neither a publisher nor an agent, and I cannot accept work in exchange for a royalty split. I will, however, offer you straight talk about writing and publishing.