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Story Coaching - Dave BrickerI help remarkable writers, speakers, professionals, and visionaries craft stories that connect and engage.

Every engagement starts with a free discovery call. Tell me about your storytelling challenges and I’ll try to help you resolve them. If you want more, we can talk about a live or virtual coaching package, training session, or keynote that fits your needs and budget.

I am business-focused to the degree that this helps define your content and direction, but do not offer or believe in “overnight success” strategies. If we work together, you’ll become a more engaging communicator who offers relevance and value to your audience. You’ll make a solid investment in yourself, but too many so-called “speaker coaches” sell shortcuts or snake oil. Great speakers are forged in the crucible of time, practice, experience, and determination.

Areas of focus:



What is your story? We’ll dive into your offerings and find the best way to communicate your authentic value story. Whether you’re writing ad copy, a speech, or a vision statement, you’ll leave with a story that sticks.



Tell your story effectively. Whether you’re a content marketer or need to polish a live presentation, you’ll master the writing, technology, and platform skills you need to engage your audience.



A picture is worth a thousand words—as long as the picture is worth looking at. Support your text and images with engaging graphics that support your message and keep the focus on you. Use PowerPoint to make your point with power.


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