The Elements of Story (6/11/2018) I never thought I’d learn about business while sailing alone on a small boat at sea, but here’s the story: When I was a young man still in college, I found myself—quite through happenstance—in the company of an odd band… READ ON
Your Unique Value Story (5/18/2022) Imagine an event where each attendee is given a puzzle piece and directed to connect one-at-a-time with others in the room to see whether their pieces fit together. Though such a laborious process sounds absurd, it describes exactly how most… READ ON
Confirmation Bias: Storytelling at Your front Door (5/3/2022) We give more weight to evidence that supports what we like—a phenomenon called, “confirmation bias.” Belief is often based as much on what we want to be true as on what we determine to be true through direct observation. Data,… READ ON
Storytelling and Your Mission Statement (4/19/2022) Anyone who questions the relationship between business and storytelling need look no farther than the humble corporate mission statement.   The goal of this article is to teach the value of storytelling so you can develop engaging mission statements that… READ ON
Reading Aloud Doesn’t Have to Be Boringreading aloud (4/5/2022) Keep your lis­ten­ers’ at­ten­tion while read­ing aloud. The host an­nounces the next au­thor. She walks to the lectern, of­fers a syn­op­sis, and be­gins read­ing aloud. It’s not bad prose—and I can’t say that for every writer here—but after three pages… READ ON
Another Customer Service Horror Storycustomer service horror stories (3/29/2022) Do you have a customer service horror story to share? What stories are you telling about yourself before you even show up to do business? A Customer Service Horror Story A friend of mine sailed his boat up on some… READ ON
Advertising, Business Strategy, and Storytellingbusiness strategy and storytelling (3/15/2022) If you’re skeptical about the connection between business strategy and storytelling, consider the challenges faced by advertising agencies and marketers. Ad agencies’ storytelling challenges are complex because they must consider how the stories of their individual team members dovetail with… READ ON
Shipwrecks, Reefs, and Stories About Youshipwrecks (2/17/2022) Shipwrecks are the ultimate symbols of massive failure. Building and operating a ship is an enormous enterprise that requires people, money, teamwork, and skill. Whether a vessel was sunk in battle or lost to a navigational blunder, every wrecked ship had… READ ON
Thoughts on Clichéscliches (2/1/2022) Since time immemorial, clichés have sneaked in the door when we least expect them to. They’re low-hanging fruit for writers who abscond with them quickly instead of striving for excellence. But to the trained eye, writing clichés stick out like… READ ON
The Virtuoso, the Teacher, & the Centipedevirtuoso (1/18/2022) One Sunday morning not long after I had been introduced to sailing, I was enjoying a cup of coffee in the cockpit of my friend Strider’s boat. The sounds of rustling canvas alerted me to watch a bronzed man on… READ ON
Storytelling Tips: The Rush of Discoverystorytelling: rush of discovery (1/4/2022) Storytelling tips: You’re walking along and you happen to look down. “Hey, that’s not a scrap of paper; that’s a $20 bill!” Isn’t it a rush when something we thought was useless turns out to be meaningful. Stories—whether they’re truth… READ ON


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