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Portrait of Dave BrickerMy personal and professional background encompasses a wide range of skills and experiences—speaking, writing, graphic design, coding, music. All of them fall under the umbrella of storytelling.


Dave Bricker speaking at Toastmasters District ConferenceDave Bricker: Public speaking is the original storytelling art. As a member of the National Speakers Association and ToastMasters International, I have been invited to speak at conferences for both organizations. My keynotes and workshops reveal how stories work, and how to use them to connect and engage. And I coach professionals who want to up their presentation game.


Dave Bricker: Author — I’m a writer of hundreds of articles and (so far) eleven books ranging from novels to a sailing memoir to non-fiction books on writing, publishing, and storytelling. As a writing coach and editor, I teach authors and marketers to craft impactful, authentic, meaningful stories in their own personal voice. I inspire bloggers, content marketers, authors, and copywriters to take the “writer’s journey.”


Dave Bricker: Publishing Consultant — Of what good is written storytelling without publishing as a delivery medium? I have helped thousands of authors make the safe and rewarding journey from manuscript to bookstore. Though I no longer write in TheWorldsGreatestBook.com, my 100+ articles there about writing, publishing, and book design have won numerous awards and remain online as a valued reference for authors.


Dave Bricker: MFA Graphic Designer and Design Educator — I taught web design, graphic design, and graphic design thesis writing at the university level for 15 years. I won an Adobe Site-of-the-Day Award and honorable mention in the Adobe Design Achievement Awards. Effective graphic design—on-screen or on-paper—is visual storytelling. Design differs from fine art in that—like stories—its purpose is transformation. I’ve worked on design projects for Apple, BMG Records, Johnson and Johnson, and a host of visionary individuals and small businesses, producing billions of dollars in measurable results.


Dave Bricker: Coach and consultant. Know the difference? A consultant gives you smart answers—that you ignore because they’re someone else’s opinion. A coach asks wise questions—that you can’t ignore because the answers come from truths you discover within yourself.


Dave Bricker: Sailor — I spent 15 years living aboard, voyaging in search of stories. I use this background to teach writers, speakers, professionals, and visionaries how to navigate, trust their compass, manage storms and calms, get unstuck when they run aground, and understand the responsibilities and privileges of being a captain. That’s the “sailing” in StorySailing.®


So what do I do? Same as you. It’s all storytelling—the art of sharing messages to connect and engage.


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