StorySailing® Workshops


Connect and succeed with the power of StorySailing.® Build stronger relationships with colleagues and customers. Increase employee retention. Create sales and marketing messages that communicate value. Turn your natural fear of public speaking into energy, confidence, and engagement.

StorySailing “Brick-out” sessions are presented in short “lunch and learn,” half-day, or full-day formats. Shorter sessions “deep dive” into specific business communication challenges like mission statements, marketing language, the on-boarding process, design and technology, and corporate culture. Longer sessions engage attendees in exercises that clarify and harmonize the stories they tell about your organization and its mission. Ask about multi-day retreats.


StoryCrafting – Master the Art of Business Storytelling

Learn how to craft effective stories work and put those stories to work. Craft a fluff-free mission statement. Get your elevator pitch off the first floor. Use the power of story to connect with clients and colleagues, motivate teams, attract and retain talent, build inspiring corporate cultures, and close more sales.

Each program is tailored to the goals and challenges of your organization.

StoryCrafting – Write Right … Now

Writing skills are in decline … and so is credibility. Teach your team to write clearly, concisely, and accurately without boring sentence diagrams and painful grammar lessons. Professional writing style techniques are easy to learn and use today.

StoryCrafting – Learn the Secrets to Successful Content Marketing

A Facebook post will be seen by less than .5% of your followers. You’re writing useful content in your blog, but how do you get your message out? This workshop reveals time-management and technological strategies for content producers. Instantly and automatically share your content with dozens of relevant social media groups. Boost your search engine ranking and build your following.

StorySharing – Storytelling for Speakers, Leaders, and Teams

Craft your message and deliver it with confidence. Training and coaching programs for business presenters, lackluster leaders, and speakers of all levels ensure your speech is relevant and meaningful to your audience. Master your natural fear of public speaking, rock your presentation, and pitch perfect with stronger word choice, strategic timing, vocal variety, and body language.


StorySharing – Storytelling for Teachers

Young people are among the most difficult audiences to engage, but few teachers—even the few who connect with them successfully—think of themselves as professional speakers. This session offers engagement strategies for educators that work inside and outside the classroom. Teachers are encouraged to connect more deeply with students through the power of storytelling, and to connect with outside speaking opportunities that keep their content relevant and bring additional income.

StoryShowing – Use PowerPoint to Make Your Point with Power

An image is only worth a thousand words if the image is worth looking at. Learn to think like a designer so you can look like a speaker. This session covers best (and worst) practices for PowerPoint presenters. Leave with ideas and resources you can use to keep your audience awake, aware, and engaged with your message.


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Talk to Me!

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