✅ Master the art of changing the conversation from price to value


✅ Transform lackluster leadership


✅ Foster inspiring work culture


✅ Sell without sounding sales-y.


✅ Turn your mess into a message.


✅ Take the “cuss” out of customer service.


✅ Craft messages that people actually want to hear


✅ And deliver those messages with style and impact


Storytelling is all about what to say and how to say it.

Storytelling is Everything!



Storytelling – The Power of Story (what to say)

Turn your mess into a message. Communication skills are in decline … and so is credibility. Master the “what to say” side of storytelling. Explore words that inspire and words that repel.  Engage and persuade, sell without sounding salesy, and discover a simple method for crafting stories that stick. 


StorySharing – Present Like a Pro

Whether presenting in person or on screen, pauses, pacing, dynamics, and body language turn eloquent words into impactful messages. Whether you’re pitching a product or leading a team, presentation skills—the “how-to-say-it” side of storytelling are essential. Treat your team to this fun and interactive workshop created by the guy who literally wrote the book on virtual speaking.


StoryShowing – Use PowerPoint to Make Your Point with Power

An image is only worth a thousand words — if the image is worth looking at. Learn to think like a designer so you can look like a professional. This session covers best (and worst) practices for PowerPoint presenters. Leave with ideas and resources you can use to keep your audience awake, aware, and engaged with your message.


Take the CUSS Out of Customer Service

Is your revolving door moving closer to your front desk? Having trouble keeping employees on-board and motivated? This engaging workshop instills the true value of customer service, reveals storytelling strategies that transform conflict into conversation, explores tactful tactics for dealing with difficult clients, and builds effective and cohesive teams. Decrease stress, inspire 5-star reviews, and keep your talent working for you!


You’re running a business and that means your story involves delivering value to clients and colleagues. They invest their time, energy, and money in the experience you provide. And that depends on clear communication— mastery of what to say and how to say it.

I inspire professionals with engaging stories and powerful strategies they’ll remember and use immediately. Does it make sense to discuss whether my programs are the right fit for your leaders and teams? How can I customize a program for you?

Set up a sales-pitch-free virtual coffee and let’s see what happens.