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Master Presentation Skills & the Art of Business Storytelling!

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Rock Your Presentation

Pitch with Confidence. Put your stage fright to work and show poise on the platform. Engage and transform your audiences with powerful pacing, body language, and vocal techniques. Cowards and introverts are welcome!


Craft Meaningful Messages

Talk about your clients instead of yourself. Change the conversation from price to value and close more sales. Master content marketing and build your following. Write authentic speeches, articles, mission statements, and books that influencers and customers want to read.


Show and Tell

A picture is worth a thousand words—but only if the picture is worth looking at. Smart presenters use PowerPoint to make their points with power. Teach your leaders and teams to support their presentations with engaging graphics, compelling images, and clever typography.

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Dave Bricker teaches the art of business transformation through storytelling using true sailing adventure tales. His StorySailing® method provides a unique and easy-to-understand thought model that your team will use to craft effective marketing messages, forge deeper connections with customers, and create engaging corporate culture. Ask about customized talks and workshops that engage and entertain your audience and deliver measurable business value.

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Dave Bricker: StorySailing®