StorySailing for Business Leaders


Learn the storytelling skills that leaders and influencers use to connect, engage, and succeed.

  • Communicate with clients and colleagues.
  • Share the values your company holds itself accountable to.
  • Produce successful outcomes for your customers.
  • Manage obstacles and conflicts.
  • Distinguish yourself from competitors.
  • Hire and retain effective team members.
  • Build meaningful corporate culture in your organization.
  • Establish leadership by ensuring the authenticity of the stories that drive your business.

Each weekly episode of StorySailing™ for Business Leaders chronicles the adventures of a disillusioned CEO who inherits a small sailboat. From the moment she reaches the dock, Lena discovers powerful business lessons from an unexpected teacher. Discover the secrets to business transformation through storytelling as you learn the basics of navigation, confront storms and calms, deal with mechanical breakdowns, and explore the roles of captain and crew—in ways that are directly relevant to professionalism and leadership. StorySailing™ is entertaining, useful,  though-provoking, and relevant.

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