Zero, Infinity, and the Search for Meaning (2/27/2024) 13.7-billion years ago, the universe expanded from a single point. Some of the light we see in the sky took billions of years to travel across space—at 186,282 miles per second—to reach our eyes. Will the universe expand outward indefinitely—infinitely? READ MORE→
‘Twas the Month Before Christmas (12/5/2023)   Here's a little holiday fun. Thanks for reading my storytelling posts. Have a safe, happy, and prosperous season. 'Twas a month before Christmas, when all through the land Every forklift was stirring, precisely as planned Products were lined on READ MORE→
Thoughts on Thanksgivingthanksgiving (11/21/2023) When the urge to gripe arises, consider that no matter what dark clouds may loom on the horizon, you threaded the needle of human history. Imagine what life would have been like had you been born not so many years READ MORE→
Rewrite the Bogus Story of Happiness (9/13/2022) What's the number one cause of unhappiness?   Love?   Money?   Hunger?   Insurance companies?   The number one cause of unhappiness is the pursuit of happiness!   You can never be happy.   Think about your last new READ MORE→
Inspire Prospects to ASK You to Sell! (8/16/2022) Inspire prospects to ask you to sell to them. Many years ago I was out on Biscayne Bay with an old sailor friend. The conversation drifted from how to adjust the sails to light talk about our personal lives, READ MORE→
Another Customer Service Horror Storycustomer service horror stories (3/29/2022) Do you have a horror story to share? What stories are you telling about yourself before you even show up to do ? A Customer Service Horror Story A friend of mine sailed his boat up on some READ MORE→
Thoughts on Clichéscliches (2/1/2022) Since immemorial, clichés have sneaked in the door when we least expect them to. They're low-hanging fruit for writers who abscond with them quickly instead of striving for excellence. But to the trained eye, writing clichés stick out like READ MORE→
The Virtuoso, the Teacher, & the Centipedevirtuoso (1/18/2022) One Sunday morning not long after I had been introduced to sailing, I was enjoying a cup of coffee in the cockpit of my friend Strider's boat. The sounds of rustling canvas alerted me to watch a bronzed man on READ MORE→
River Storiesriver stories (10/26/2021) River stories: Numerous stories have been written about rivers. We all have rivers to cross. Metaphorical rivers represent both the obstacles we encounter in life and business and where the “current” carries us. Perhaps a tough conversation lies ahead or READ MORE→
Phil Woods: Is Your Work Beneath You?Phil Woods Saxopohone (9/14/2021) I was frustrated the other day, thinking about how I need a better computer. Some of my software is out of date and my machine just doesn't have the speed and the memory to support some of the the new READ MORE→