Sell Outcomes, Not Productssell outcomes not products header (6/14/2022) Sell outcomes. The products or services you exchange at the transaction stage of a business relationship might not be the most meaningful basis for describing what you offer. Before you print your next batch of business cards, think like a READ MORE→
Your Unique Value Story (5/18/2022) Imagine an event where each attendee is given a puzzle piece and directed to connect one-at-a-time with others in the room to see whether their pieces fit together. Though such a laborious process sounds absurd, it describes exactly how most READ MORE→
Storytelling and Your Mission Statement (4/19/2022) Anyone who questions the relationship between business and storytelling need look no farther than the humble corporate mission statement.   The goal of this article is to teach the value of storytelling so you can develop engaging mission statements that READ MORE→
Another Customer Service Horror Storycustomer service horror stories (3/29/2022) Do you have a customer service horror story to share? What stories are you telling about yourself before you even show up to do business? A Customer Service Horror Story A friend of mine sailed his boat up on some READ MORE→
Advertising, Business Strategy, and Storytellingbusiness strategy and storytelling (3/15/2022) If you’re skeptical about the connection between business strategy and storytelling, consider the challenges faced by advertising agencies and marketers. Ad agencies’ storytelling challenges are complex because they must consider how the stories of their individual team members dovetail with READ MORE→
My Club Got a One-Star Review (12/7/2021) How do you handle a one-star review? Capable leaders are adept at untangling the many stories that compete for attention when problems need solving and egos need soothing. I monitor a FaceBook page for a local chapter of a national READ MORE→
Sexual Harassment – Rewriting the Storysexual harassment (8/31/2021) Is sexual harassment a problem, or a symptom of a larger, deeper issue? The answer depends on the stories we use to define and discuss it. Challenge: Write a story about sexual harassment. Use fictional avatar characters. (If you call READ MORE→
Selling the Story: Storytelling for Skeptics (6/22/2021) “Storytelling…? I don’t know.” A troubled look flashed across Sally’s face. “You’ll have a hard time selling me on your topic. Last year’s speaker was a dud. I need to deliver some wow-factor this year or I might not be READ MORE→
Story Themes: The Unlikely Teacher (6/8/2021) The unlikely teacher is one of my favorite story themes,  partially because I’ve been fortunate to have had wonderful, unlikely teachers in my own life, but also because it suggests pathways and opportunities for us to transform our lives and READ MORE→
Problem-Solving & Storytelling: Understand Their Story (4/27/2021) Use storytelling for problem-solving. Think about the various stories involved in a conflict and plot a course for resolution. Seen through the StorySailing™ spyglass, a story is analogous to the voyage of a sailboat across the rocky, stormy seas of READ MORE→


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