Thoughts on Thanksgivingthanksgiving (11/21/2023) When the urge to gripe arises, consider that no matter what dark clouds may loom on the horizon, you threaded the needle of human history. Imagine what life would have been like had you been born not so many years… READ ON
Two Stories Professional Speakers Never Telltwo stories to never tell (11/14/2023) Here are two great stories to NEVER tell: One day a man was walking along the beach when he noticed a boy picking things up and gently throwing them into the ocean. “Hey kid, what are you doing?” “Throwing starfish… READ ON
Stage Fright: Turn Nervous into Service (10/31/2023) Advice on how to deal with stage fright ranges from absurd (don't picture the audience naked unless you're speaking at a super-model convention—and that could be distracting) to just plain useless. The popular assumption is that people are naturally fearful… READ ON
Jazz and Musical Storytellingmusical storytelling (10/16/2023) What is musical storytelling? Many of our favorite storytellers rely on to help them deliver their messages with impact. Depending on what's happening in the story, they use specific techniques and strategies. For example, when there's a dream sequence,… READ ON
The Three Circles of Storytelling (10/3/2023) A story's success relies on three perspectives—three lenses through which its component parts must be viewed: What to Say: Choose the right words How to Say it: What media and skills will you use to deliver your message? Why They'll… READ ON
Find the Music in Your Words (9/19/2023) Find the music in your words! A speechwriting colleague told me she always guaranteed her clients that her work would be well received by the audience. “That's a big risk,” I said. “No matter how good your writing is, you… READ ON
Take the Twerking Out of Networking! (9/5/2023) Another agonizing networking event! You walk around the room, introduce yourself to the next stranger, ask them what they do, and pray they'll offer anything remotely relevant to you. Great! Another realtor! Wow! Another financial manager! Nice to meet you… READ ON
The Essential Absurdities (8/21/2023) Watch a sunbeam Magic! The light reveals swirling dust, a hidden universe Slip a jar under it Close the lid What do you have? Nothing   Take a picture of a sunset. Can you capture the grandeur of the frameless… READ ON
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