An Interview with Voice Artist Humphrey Bower (7/11/2023) Find Your Voice … And Someone Else's! Do you enjoy a good audiobook as much as I do? Australian actor Humphrey Bower voices hundreds of characters—men and women with accents from around the world. I've listened to over 350 hours… READ ON
Survive and Thrive in the Land of Clocks & Calendars (6/27/2023) Is your digital calendar robbing you of the you need to be productive? Maybe the problem isn't your calendar. Back in my carefree boat bum days, my course was governed by the world's natural rhythms. I rose and retired… READ ON
Jazz and the Dangerous Magic of Creative Flow (6/13/2023) Perhaps you've experienced flow writing. You sit down, watch your fingers tap away at the keyboard, and wonder, Where did that come from? Did I write that? That's really good!  Sometimes the of flow can be as simple and… READ ON
How Good is AI at Writing Stories? (5/30/2023)   Storytelling - Is it any good? I entered a simple prompt into ChatGPT. Yes, I could have been more specific about what I wanted—better prompts make for better output from the AI—but my intention was to analyze the… READ ON
What is “Dynamic Speaking?” (5/16/2023) We often hear about "dynamic speaking," but what does that mean? The dictionary defines "dynamics" as "the forces or properties which stimulate growth, development, or change within a system or process." Essentially, "dynamics" means "change," and if you want your… READ ON
Are You a Professional Speaker? (5/2/2023)   For fifteen years, I taught graphic and web design at a university. Because I had a master's degree and the requisite portfolio, I was deemed qualified to teach. I was shown my classroom, provided with course objectives, and directed… READ ON
Punch Up Your Pitch With Storytelling (4/18/2023) You've been asked to pitch a big project. You and your teammates Shelly and Barbara sit at your conference table discussing next week's big . “It's impossible to know how the competition is going to position themselves,” says Shelly. “We… READ ON
The Golden Rule of Storytellinggolden rule of storytelling (4/4/2023) The golden rule of storytelling is simple:   Stories are always about people!   If you're talking about prices, processes, ingredients, features, or data, you're not talking about people. If you're not talking about people, you're not telling stories. If you're… READ ON
If You Think SALES is a Dirty Word… (3/21/2023) Do you think sales is a dirty word? Many of us think that way … and given all the tacky messages we have to sort through and delete every day, it's no wonder. For some, the word “sales” conjures up… READ ON
Punch Up Your Elevator Pitchelevator pitch header (3/4/2023) The “elevator pitch” is an essential professional tool—a tool that should be kept razor sharp and as ready to deploy as a handshake and a smile—and yet, most professionals are woefully bad at introducing themselves. Have you ever attended a… READ ON