Potent Verbs Spice Up Your Storytellingverbs word cloud (8/18/2020) Verbs are the engines that move your writing, your speaking, your readers, and your audiences but many authors ands presenters don't spend enough choosing the right ones. If your writing was an electric guitar, your verbs would be the volume,… READ ON
Is Your Story Big Enough?is-your-story-big-enough (8/4/2020) Is your story big enough? The following passage from The Story Story describes a common 's dilemma. Too many meaningful stories go untold because we fear they're not as big as someone else's.   “He's got to be a motivational… READ ON
If I Can Do It, You Can Do It Stories: Speaking Mistakesif-i-can-do-it-you-can-do-it (7/21/2020) If I can do it, you can do it! Well … maybe. Is your story about your extraordinary personal journey? Talking about yourself for your own sake will be perceived by listeners as narcissism or seeking validation. Stories of dramatic… READ ON
How Do Stories Work?how stories work (7/7/2020) How do stories work? You knew that movie was going to stink as soon as you got through the opening scene … but you sat through the whole thing to find out how the story ended. Numerous studies have explored… READ ON
Who's Your Meeting Monster?meeting monster (6/23/2020) What is a monster? My daughter asked me to spend some time with her. “I can't right now,” I replied. I'm the meeting monitor today.” She shot me a funny look. “Daddy, what's a meeting monster?” The name stuck.… READ ON
Leaf-Blowers, and COVID-19
(6/9/2020) I'm that annoying neighbor—the bad guy—the one who's always complaining about my rights … . or at least that's the story my neighbors tell. While enjoying the sanctuary of my backyard one cool February afternoon, my bliss was interrupted by… READ ON
Speakers, Never Say You're Sorry (5/26/2020) Love means never having to say you're sorry. “I'm sorry, but I had only an hour to put this speech together.” “I'm sorry … I need to look at my notes.” “I'm sorry to get started late; the traffic was… READ ON
Don't Break the Fifth Walldon't break the fifth wall (4/28/2020) Actors refer to an invisible “fourth wall” between the stage and the audience. In a play, audiences view the proceedings with a special anonymity. Actors portray an alternative reality that rarely acknowledges the presence of an audience in an auditorium.… READ ON
Speak Standing Up!speak standing up (4/14/2020) I've been videoconferencing for years; this will be easy! I thought as I began my first virtual speech. When it was over, I was surprised at my lackluster , and by the number of filler words I used—ums, ers, and… READ ON
Videoconferencing: 11 Tips You Haven't Seen (But Should) (3/31/2020) You've already read at least a dozen articles about ZOOM and videoconferencing that remind you to mute yourself when you're not talking and look into the camera. Here are eleven important tips you haven't read before but should.  … READ ON