Hello! I'm Dave Bricker.


We've all sat through boring presentations and rolled our eyes at lackluster leaders. Usually, we're lucky enough not to be that person, but at one or another, haven't we all struggled to communicate important ideas to decision-makers?


That kind of way-too-common communication leads to uninspired teams, lost sales, dissatisfied customers, annoying marketing messages, and a LOT of wasted time—all stressful and expensive problems, wouldn't you agree?


The solution is business storytelling—the art and science of what to say and how to say it!


Engaging presentations, professional development workshops, and executive coaching reveal the powerful strategies that have raised competitors to the final round (top 8 of 30,000 contestants) of the World Championship of Public Speaking, helped leaders connect (even in times of crisis), boosted the confidence and morale of sales teams (especially those who think “sales” is a dirty word), taken the “cuss” out of , and helped corporations earn over $4 billion in profits.


Is storytelling a worthwhile point of focus for your event attendees, teams, or executives? Set up a sales-pitch-free chat. I promise to lead by listening.