Why AI-Generated Marketing Copy Misses the Mark — 3 Comments

  1. I didn’t think your example was that bad. In fact, it was adequate boilerplate for lots of projects.
    There’s something to be said about “a good B done on time is often better than an A done late”.
    I don’t mean to encourage mediocrity. But after 45 years in business I can certainly see the benefits of AI generated copy.

    ‘88 MBA grad and successful entrepreneur

    • It all depends on who you’re selling to. If your prospects ate smart people who have had sales training, soundalike messaging will be less effective. You can succeed with B but if you’re targeting A it might be worth upping your game. Regarding my own entrepreneurship, part of my living comes from my ability to write better than AI. And I’m not worried I’ll lose my job anytime soon.

      Thanks for reading and sharing your comments.